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Comparisons of Recently Found Daguerreotype to Variant Images of Joseph Smith Jr.


Joseph Smith face comparison - painting 


Only time will tell. This recently found daguerreotype photograph from Missouri, has been compared by our research team to various contemporary portraits, including artwork and drawings by artist, Sutcliffe Maudsley, the most recognised 1842 painting by an unknown artist, and the the death mask of Joseph Smith Jr, founder of the Mormon church and religion.  Our team consists of a small, independent group of researchers, people with relevant skills and experience, including face recognition techniques, and is based in London, Uk. The project has been underway for almost two years, and combines face recognitions techniques with other methods, aiming to establish effective ways of determining the identity of people in historical photographs.

We are currently actively pursuing the provenance of this photograph, including dating the daguerreotype, which may take some time, and welcome all comments and suggestions regarding this.  We are also looking for highly specialised assistance with cleaning the surface of the daguerreotype, to examine and reveal further more intricate and specific details of his clothing, and any hidden clues within the image, or connected with the origins or manufacturing of the case, that may also help us date the photograph and determine whether this man really is Joseph Smith. Additional high resolution photographic images of the daguerreotype may also be uploaded to this website to show the daguerroetype in more detail,  and we are working on further 3d animations and videos comparing the face of the man to exisitng portraits and the contours of Joseph Smith death mask.

*Please note that there are several other daguerreotypes in this collection, such as a possible portrait of Mormon leader, Brigham Young,  which may provide further provenance.

Hoping that you will comment and please let us know any thoughts or suggestions regarding determining the identity of the man in this photograph..

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